40th Anniversary Celebrations 1981 – 2022


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Rural Women’s Social Education Centre (RUWSEC) is a non-governmental women’s organisation started in the year 1981 by a team of 13 women of whom 12 were dalit women from the local villages of Chengalpattu taluk near Madras (Chennai) in Tamil Nadu


RUWSEC’s Broad activities include, 1) Innovative field programmes on gender, sexual and reproductive health rights and social justice 2) Research on Gender, Sexual and Reproductive Health Matters 3)Running a Reproductive Health Clinic and resource centre.


RUWSEC has a rich history of research into health issues as seen from the marginalized women’s perspectives. Research on the interface between health, gender, caste and poverty is one of the priority areas of interest for the project.

Reproductive Health Clinic

We envisage RUWSEC’s clinic/hospital to be an alternative health facility in all respects: in the quality of health care it provides, its approach to women’s health as related to their low status, its focus on enabling women to take charge of their health instead of being passive recipients of health care, in its treatment of women as intelligent and capable persons who will work towards improving their health if given the means to do so.